Client Testimonials

Michael Burton

Michael BurtonClients’ ChoiceAward 2018 Top ContributorAward 2018Michael Burton

Fantastic Attorney!

Mr Michael Burton did an outstanding job! He went above and beyond what was asked of him! He answered all my questions in a timely manner! I am thankful for Michael and his team that worked with me on my case! I would highly recommend him to anyone that needs a Divorce attorney you can not go wrong! In my case it was more like a friend helping me thru the ups and downs of the case! In todays world its nice to know that they do have professional and honest attorneys! If you are ever in need Michael is the attorney you will want on your side. I can not thank him and his staff enough!

Sincerely Yours, Troy Garcia

What more can we say but simply amazing!

Michael and his team went above and beyond for us. I couldn’t thank them enough for them helping my fiancé out with getting his child back into his life. Dads do have rights! They don’t stop fighting for you. They listen, they’re on top of everything. They reply without a timely manner. I cannot day enough to you guys for making him the happiest man in the world. Michaela and Crystal thank you thank you thank you.

– Melissa

A breath of fresh air.

I’m beyond grateful to have had him as my lawyer. Although he was pretty new at the time, Michael was exceptionally knowledgeable and did what no other lawyer could do. He legitimately turned around my case and was able to finally stop the injustice in my high-conflict and contentious custody battle. He’s amazing in court, as well as in settling outside of court, both in your favor. Thank you, Michael.

– Anonymous

Excellent job.

I couldn’t have asked for a better job from anyone. Michael did an excellent job preparing, understanding what the judge was looking for, presenting my case, and being on point in every aspect for my case. I have dealt with this judge previously with unfavorable outcomes, but this time Michael did a wonderful job trying to understand this judge and how to present the case. My confidence wasn’t very high because of the way this judge has ruled in the past. Michael kept me positive and told me to trust him and I did. He got my daughter what she wanted and we couldn’t me happier. Michael will dedicate his time to help you and will tell you straight forward what he expects. I would definitely recommend Michael to anyone.

– Justin

Ashlee Vazquez

9.0Ashlee N. Vazquez Ashlee N. VazquezClients’ ChoiceAward 2020

Child Custody

I have no idea where to begin. Ashlee was beyond incredible and amazing! I’ve never felt more sure and secured with my daughters future in someone else’s hands. I hired Ashlee in the midst of my custody battle with such a short time till my final trial. Her determination and hard work won me my daughter back and stopped the relocation of my daughter. She kept it very real with me from the start which I admired deeply. I had my full trust in her and she made one of the most stressful situations into the most comfortable situation on the day of court. I cannot thank her enough ! –  Andy


Minor Guardianship

My attorney, Ashlee Vazquez, gave my case all the time and attention we needed. She was a comforting and confident presence during an incredibly stressful and challenging time. Although I acquired her services through the Nevada Legal Services Pro Bono program, I was never treated as anything other than a valuable client by Ms. Vazquez.

– Angela


Ashlee was so amazing! I am so grateful that I had her representing me in my divorce! She was great at strategizing with me and explaining the various steps of litigation. She helped wrap up my divorce that had been ongoing for years!! She’s very determined in her fight for those she is representing. She’s an amazing ally to have at your side and your worst nightmare as an opponent! Thank you again, Ashlee, for all of your hard work on my behalf. I greatly appreciate you and all you’ve done for me on my case!!! I will be singing your praises to all who lend an ear!!!

– Casondra

Worth Every Penny!

Going through a nasty custody battle is one of the most stressful things that a parent will ever have to go through. Finding a family attorney in Las Vegas is easy. Finding a good, knowledgeable one that actually has “heart” and will treat your case with the proper care and attention that it deserves, is much harder to find… After consulting with numerous local family attorneys, to put it simply… I was losing hope quickly. None of them seemed like they cared. One attorney even told me if I hired him he was going to raise my retainer, specifically because he didn’t like the attorney that the opposing party had hired! Then I was recommended to Ashlee Vazquez through another practicing attorney-friend of mine. As soon as I retained her, I felt so much better. Ashlee not only has the background, grit, knowledge, and the strength to represent you… but she has integrity. She can hold her own and morally stand up for/represent her clients against even the toughest, most expensive attorneys in town (even the ones who sometimes fight unethically or “dirty…” which is what I happened to be up against). Ashlee was professional, informative, kind, and above all honest and transparent with me throughout this entire process (her paralegal, Sue is also amazing – “shout out” to Sue). In regards to family custody and the Nevada Family Court system, I was pretty misinformed when I originally came to Ashlee. She patiently guided me in the right direction and was always there to answer any questions and resolve any concerns that I had along the way (and I had a lot of them throughout this process, lol). MyCase was a great way to communicate. Ashlee answered every question/concern that I had in a timely manner. Never once did she make me feel like I was a burden or that my case was not one her most important ones! She is not the cheapest attorney in town but do you really want to “nickel-and-dime” things when it comes to your custody case? With attorneys (especially family attorneys who charge by the hour) you definitely “get what you pay for.” Ashlee is worth every penny! Thank you to Ashlee for helping me to resolve my custody case in the best interest of my family! 🙂

– Christie